Ferguson, Mike Brown, Eric Garner – An Uncomfortable Conversation About the Emotional Impact on Black Men

Ferguson-Mike Brown-Hands up-Don't Shoot-Jack A Daniels

I initially chose my line of work Counseling because I know we’re at war and I wanted to be on the front lines. It’s a mental war that’s kept Black Men spiritually and psychologically disrespected and disconnected from our true worth and identity.  Repeatedly traumatized by the moral callousness of an unjust system, many Black [...]

How to Change Your Stuck Story by Jack A. Daniels

Jack A. Daniels Time-for-Change

Hey there Superstar!  I hope you’ve had an awesome week!  AND… I hope you did something to challenge yourself to move beyond mediocrity this week! So I’ve received several emails with questions from folks this week about feeling Stuck.  Trust me, I understand – – Now is the time of year when you realize how [...]

What do Tamar Braxton, NeNe Leakes and Jack A. Daniels have in Common?


I hope your week has been as awesomely productive and exciting as mine! I’ve coached a few clients, gave an AWESOME presentation about “How to Master the Secrets of Great Storytelling” to a couple hundred folks and just finished an all day VIP Strategy Coaching Session with Celebrity Psychologist Dr. Sherry Blake.  (You’ve probably seen [...]

5 Ways to Have Great Conversations with Anyone by Jack A. Daniels


So you meet someone for the first time and introduce yourself.  “Hello, nice to meet you, my name is such and such.”  You then attempt to make small talk about the weather or some current affairs and the third question people end up asking you is always, “So what do you do?” Now people who [...]

5 Quick Steps to Reduce Your Fears by Jack A. Daniels


As an in-demand Coach and Speaker, I give dozens of keynotes and workshops a year and have often begun with this question:   “Who in this room considers themselves a winner?”   If I told you there’s a race for $100 billion dollars which would make you the richest person in the world, would you sign [...]

7 Reasons Why Men SHOULD Watch Scandal with Their Women by Jack A. Daniels


If you’ve been anywhere on this side of heaven you know that Shonda Rhimes’ hit ABC Show, Scandal is the hottest show on television!  Women have tuned in by the millions leaving some Men scratching their heads wondering, “Why?”  Well, here’s 7 good reasons why I believe Men should be side by side watching every [...]