4 Ways to Predict Your Future


Over the years I’ve become so good at coaching and counseling that Clients often ask me, “Can I predict the future?” It’s because after they experience a breakthrough, they usually end up saying, “It happened just like you said it would or How did you know?” HA… I wish I could tell the future because [...]

Bad Habits = Bad Results by Jack A. Daniels

Jack A. Daniels and Marshawn Evans Daniels

 It actually takes 21 Days to form a Habit… Well… It’s a new year which means new opportunities and new horizons!  I’m always excited this time of year because everyone realizes a sense of newness and that starting over is possible! As you probably know, last year for me was absolutely-freakin-fantastically phenomenal!  Our company achieved [...]

Ferguson, Mike Brown, Eric Garner – An Uncomfortable Conversation About the Emotional Impact on Black Men

Ferguson-Mike Brown-Hands up-Don't Shoot-Jack A Daniels

I initially chose my line of work Counseling because I know we’re at war and I wanted to be on the front lines. It’s a mental war that’s kept Black Men spiritually and psychologically disrespected and disconnected from our true worth and identity.  Repeatedly traumatized by the moral callousness of an unjust system, many Black [...]

How to Change Your Stuck Story by Jack A. Daniels

Jack A. Daniels Time-for-Change

Hey there Superstar!  I hope you’ve had an awesome week!  AND… I hope you did something to challenge yourself to move beyond mediocrity this week! So I’ve received several emails with questions from folks this week about feeling Stuck.  Trust me, I understand – – Now is the time of year when you realize how [...]