Healing 100 Hearts Program 

Healing 100 Hearts in 100 Days is a unique, award winning, evidence based program and curriculum helping Women to:

1. Regain control
2. Rebuild confidence
3. Create new visions for being healthy, happy and whole

This program gives everyday women an extraordinary chance to experience a transformational process of healing. Jack A. Daniels’ custom designed, innovative approach of “Healing through Doing” along with expert facilitators provides an eclectic mix out of the box solution-focused activities. Tasks like rock climbing, tae-kwon-do, horseback riding, dancing, group sessions, scavenger hunts, farming, feeding the homeless to name a few. NOTHING is off limits to ensure the process of healing happens!

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I'm an award winning Counselor & Coach who thinks outside of the box which helps more high-profile-high-achieving people get out of "their box!" 5 time best selling author of books like "I Need a Wife" "Stay Out of Your Own Way" and "move your BUT." I speak to corporations, colleges and churches about Fear, Purpose & Relationships. I'd love to work with you too! Let's chat about how I can help your organization or you "Stay Out of Your Own Way!"