Did you know that 50% of U.S. Singles haven’t been on a date in 2 years or more? I couldn’t believe that statistic either when I heard it, but its true!

People ask why I’m so passionate about helping people find and attract love. It’s because I know the joy and value love and relationships bring to people’s lives!  Studies have proven that people who are married or in long-term  relationships:

  • Are Healthier
  • Wealthier
  • Have less Stress
  • Less Disease
  • Live longer
  • And report having a higher degree of happiness!

Those things all sound GREAT to me! And I know you value them also. That’s one of the reasons you’re part of this community!  Well… that’s also why I’m very proud to announce to you… (drum roll please)

It’s OFFICIAL!  I am the host of a new TV Show called #BlackLove where myself and another expert will be helping 5 Women on their journey to find themselves, find love and happiness in New York City!


The show airs Dec 8th on A&E Network’s FYI channel!  FYI is the same channel that airs the breakout popular show Married at First Sight.  So if you’ve heard about or watched that show, you’re going to absolutely loooooove the show #BlackLove! 

You wanna know what the coolest part is?  I didn’t have to change a thing about ME for this show!  I get to do exactly what I’m GOOD at doing… Breakthroughs and helping people change their lives!  I get to use my gifts AND I get paid to do it!  Ain’t God good?! 🙂

I hope TV is ready to taste a #ShotOfJack!  Get ready y’all because I’m coming to your living room eeerrrr week!  Keep me in your prayers!  Also, make sure you spread the word, set your DVR’s and tune in to watch the show!

As always…

“Keep the faith, Keep making it happen and remember to Stay Out of Your Own Way!”



Jack A. Daniels, also known as The King of Breakthroughs is a psychotherapist, media personality, award-winning speaker and 5 time best-selling author of books such as, “I Need a Wife…Where are the REAL Women?” and “Stay Out of Your Own Way.” He's one of the leading authorities for overcoming fears and getting people unstuck in love, relationships, business or life. Jack is a Master Storytelling Expert who helps beginning & established Speakers find their personal story and get PAID to speak. Jack has been featured on BBC, Fox News, Bravo, BET, CBS, NBC, ABC, WEtv, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, DateDaily and you can watch him every week on the FYI channel as the host of #BlackLove!


  • Melody says:

    Congrats!!!!! Well deserved for an amazing person.

  • Julia Stanford says:

    I want to be on the show, I am so afraid of my purpose and I am working daily to get out of my own way, I work from home, never get out, don’t have girlfriends to even go out with, cry on every sappy fall in love movie. I have only 1 son 14 he is more ready for me to meet someone, I have weight issues, when I do meet someone I get uncomfortable, I expect to much I recognize I need help.

  • Ole Badd Troya says:

    This is awesome! Your advice over the years has been consistently helpful in my love life. I can’t wait to watch! CONGRATS!

  • Monia says:

    Congratulations, Jack!! You’re the absolutely best person to do this, and I wish you all fulfillment, success and fun in this show! I’ll keep you and Marshawn in my prayers and yes, I’ll try to watch the show from abroad.
    Keep expanding your territory!!

  • Connie Harvey says:

    I am extremely excited about this Jack. I was just thinking that I haven’t seen or heard much about you lately. I’m truly glad that God is still Blessing you. Can’t wait to see you.

  • Ava says:


    I am truly excited to see how God is using you and increasing your territory. You know I don’t watch tv but I will be making an exception for this blessing! 🙂 Congratulations and may God continue to richly bless you


  • Wow Jack! It was such a pleasure seeing your new show. And I had you on my show, awesome no wonder you haven’t responded to me. Out there in New York doing it. Do you live there now? What;s Errol’s last name, he looks like one of my guest on one of my shows, “What’s in your head?” Maybe we can have a sit-down sometime in the future.

    Greater is ahead for you 2016…

  • Denise says:

    Jack I love the show and the information you impart on the ladies each week. Please come to South Florida I need you? And I’m sure others share my sentiments.

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