I used to wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed and drive blind-folded to a job I hated.  I talked to people I didn’t like and KNEW didn’t like me.  I didn’t fit – – – and everyday I’d wonder, “Why me God?”

I don’t know about you, but to me there’s nothing worse in the world than filling unfulfilled.  I knew deep in my spirit I didn’t belong in that space.  I knew there was something greater calling me, begging me, pleading with me to answer a higher calling, but I was too afraid to leave.  I feared what my co-workers would think or what my family and friends would say.  It seemed like everyone had an opinion about what my life should be BUT ME…



Fear will keep you trapped in boxes of bad habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations.  If there’s something you know you should be doing, someone else you know you should be with or some other place you should be…. have the Courage to LEAVE!

Don’t let anyone talk you out of your Purpose.  I’m SO thankful I had the courage to say, “YES” to my vision, my goals and my dreams.  So let me answer the questions you keep debating about in your head:

  • YES, you have what it takes
  • YES, you know it’s time to make it happen
  • YES, the resources WILL be provided. (Remember WHOSE child you are)
  • YES, people are going to talk, but so what…they’re talking about you right now!
  • YES, this is the Right time, Right plan and Right thing for your life!
If you haven’t gotten my point by now, this is one of those confirmation signs from God that’s telling you, “YES!”


You have everything it takes to fulfill your Dreams.  Just have the courage enough to Take the Leap.  Its time to stop living a Nightmare and start living your Dreams. You can do it! 🙂

Still feeling uncertain? Watch this quick video


Remember, I’m always rooting for you and can’t wait for the world to see the REAL You! 🙂 “Stay Out of Your Own Way!”



Jack A. Daniels, also known as The King of Breakthroughs is a psychotherapist, media personality, award-winning speaker and 5 time best-selling author of books such as, “I Need a Wife…Where are the REAL Women?” and “Stay Out of Your Own Way.” He's one of the leading authorities for overcoming fears and getting people unstuck in love, relationships, business or life. Jack is a Master Storytelling Expert who helps beginning & established Speakers find their personal story and get PAID to speak. Jack has been featured on BBC, Fox News, Bravo, BET, CBS, NBC, ABC, WEtv, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, DateDaily and you can watch him every week on the FYI channel as the host of #BlackLove!

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