Hello, my name is Jack A. Daniels. Throughout 2012, I’ve heard from several people who are READY for a change, but they don’t know HOW to go about it.As a counselor, the #1 question my Clients ask is “What is my purpose?” Well, you can’t have Purpose without having Passion, but here’s the problem: Research suggest that 75% of us DON’T KNOW what our Passion is – Do you?This Seminar is designed to help you BEGIN LIVING the Life you DESERVE & not the one you KEEP DAYDREAMING about!

  • Tired of feeling STUCK?
  • Do you know your passion?
  • Are you looking for a GREATER sense of purpose and balance?
  • Are you experiencing a life or career transition and struggling with what to do next?
  • Do you want change in your life but unsure how to go about it?
  • Ever feel like there’s something else you’re SUPPOSED to be doing?

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I’ve worked with the best, but even they know I ONLY work with people who really want and believe they can have something different. This seminar isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for something that’s going to give you BREAKthrough results and help you MOVE in the right direction…this is for you!

Transform your finances, health, relationships OR whatever has you feeling stuck. It’s time to Discover the REAL YOU and the life you KNOW you should be living! You cannot bring the OLD You into the NEW Year!

So are you READY to BreakOut and BreakThrough? Don’t miss this opportunity to start living the life you DESERVE!

DON’T DELAY…This class WILL FILL UP! Register Now

Date & time: Dec 9th, 8pm EST
Reg Price: FREE!!!
Location: Tele-seminar facilitated by Jack A. Daniels

SPECIAL BONUS: Everyone who registers gets a FREE copy of my audio “Making it Through the Middle”

Please let us know if we can assist you through the registration process info@jackadaniels.com or www.jackadaniels.com

“Change Begins and Ends With You so let me help you learn to Stay Out of Your Own Way”

Jack A. Daniels


Jack A. Daniels, also known as The King of Breakthroughs is a psychotherapist, media personality, award-winning speaker and 5 time best-selling author of books such as, “I Need a Wife…Where are the REAL Women?” and “Stay Out of Your Own Way.” He's one of the leading authorities for overcoming fears and getting people unstuck in love, relationships, business or life. Jack is a Master Storytelling Expert who helps beginning & established Speakers find their personal story and get PAID to speak. Jack has been featured on BBC, Fox News, Bravo, BET, CBS, NBC, ABC, WEtv, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, DateDaily and you can watch him every week on the FYI channel as the host of #BlackLove!

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